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Mrs. Keenan's Homework Page.

Welcome to my Homework Page

Guidelines for notebooks in Mrs. Keenanís Classes

1.   You will need one three ring binder with a supply of three hole punch paper. 
Put your name and the word Math in large letters on the front of your notebook. 
2.   A supply of round reinforcers is suggested.
3.   All notes will be taken during class. 
Notes must be in chronological order by date. 
If you are absent you should copy notes taken by another student.
Or find a buddy who can use carbon paper ( I have carbon paper) to
copy notes for you is suggested.
4.   Practice work and problems done during class should be included with your notes. 
These must be obtained from another student if you are absent.
5.   A divider with two pockets should divide notes and homework. 
Keep any loose papers in the pockets.
6.   Homework should be dated and written in the second 
portion of your notebook as it is assigned.
7.   I will check your notebook periodically 
8.   See me about any problems with the information above.

Homework is listed by Period and Date

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