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Paris Pictures

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Although we think that Degas was a painter, this is one of his sculptures. Isn't it beautiful. It was at the Musee D'orsay where the impressionist painters are. We saw paintings by Renoir, Monet, Manet, Toulouse Lautrec and even the portrait of Whistler's Mother.



This is one of the many beautiful bridges crossing the Seine in Paris. It is the Ponte Alexandre. It has a broad boulevard going across it. We were stopped as we went to cross the street. There was a group of horses and riders with gendarme and gates blocking the way. We later saw a motercade follow and were told it was Jacques Chirac and the President of Portugal passed by. Lots of pomp and circumstance.


This is the main entrance to Versaille. We took a train to get there but the train was linked to the metro so it was easy to get to. The inside is beautiful and ornate. The ceilings are all painted with beautiful artwork. Actually the paintings are on canvas that are attached to the ceiling. All the rooms had enormous portraits of the Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette along with numerous people in full regalia. The Hall of Mirrors is being refurbished so even though we could walk through there wasn't much to see. The chapel inside was two stories which is too beautiful to describe. The grounds were magnificent with a cottage down the lane which was quite large. This is where Louis kept his mistress.