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Here are more pictures of our trip to Paris


This is a Renoir that we saw in the Musee D'Orsay. It is an impressionist museum with many well known impressionists.


This is a square called Les Vosges. It had this beautiful fountain along with a nice grassy area to walk in with a small playground. I was surrounded by a wrought iron fence. As you can see in the picture, it was surrounded by apartments with small upscale stores on the first floor. Victor Hugo lived in one of the apartments here.


This area is called the Tuileries. It is an enormous  garden area that was once part of the palace. My back is to the Louvre and you can see in front of you a small pool and beyond you can see the Obelisk and the Arc the Triomphe so all of the vue you see is along the Champs Elysees


This is the main building in the Luxemburg Gardens. It is a wonderful and huge public garden which was only a few blocks from our hotel. We went there on our last day in the early morning and people were out exercising, playing tennis and just enjoying the weather. It was built for Marie de Medicis in the 1600's. It is now used as a government building.

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