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Wow ! April in Paris. What could be better?

Here we are! Marie is in front of the entrance to the Louvre. To get in you go through the glass triangle behind her. From there you go underground to a big expanse which has entrances to all the levels. It is very modern down below with escalators going up and down. You could spend a year looking at all the paintings that you have only seen in magazines or postage stamps. They are all here to go up close to and see. Of course you can tell I am in front of the Eiffle Tower. I was amazed at how big it is. We had to go across a river and a highway to get to a place where we could get a picture with most of the tower in it.

Marie at the entrance to the Louvre.
You go in through the glass triangle to get in.

Here I am in front of the Eiffle Tower
Boy, is it big !

This is the basement of St. Chapelle
It was built in the 1200's

St. Chapelle was a magnificent find in Paris. The upstairs had the most beautiful stained glass I have ever seen. They said it was built in six years between 1240 and 1246. We got in to see many of these places because we bought a museum pass. We were also able to get in the side doors in many places by using the card so we did not have to wait in any lines. It was well worth the money.


Marie and I went to the top of the Arc de Triomphe. We could see the whole city of Paris. We even got to see the Paris marathon that was going on that day below us. In the opposite direction we could see right down the Champs Elyssees.

This is a picture of Notre Dame Cathedral
Notice the flying buttresses

This is a picture showing the back of Notre Dame Cathedral. The flying buttresses are visible in the picture. The weather was beautiful most days and you can see the flowers were in bloom when we were there. We walked everywhere or took the metro where ever we wanted to go. This is only a short walk from where our hotel was. Notre Dame is on Isle de la Cite in the middle of the Seine.