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This is a picture of Notre Dame Cathedral from across the Seine. There are three front doors with carvings around the edges. They have different themes. One was the apostles with Christ at the middle top. The inside was magnificent with three rosette stained glass windows on the right, left and the one above the main entrance which you can see in the picture. We went to Sunday mass there. It was a Gregorian Mass. They had a children's choir that sounded like angles singing.


Marie is standing on a typical street in Paris. But directly behind Marie is the hotel we stayed in. We were on the second floor in a very nice room just to the left of the corner. You can see the rooms have double doors floor to ceiling that you could open up. This area is called the Latin Quarter. It was called that because the universities were there and the students spoke latin. The hotel was on the Blvd St Germaine. Marie is standing on Le Rue des Bernadin.


This is Winged Victory which is in the Louvre. You could see it across the room at the top of the staircase


This is Napoleon's Tomb. It is part of a whole complex that includes the Dome Church, les Invalides, and several war museums. Note the size of the people in the background. His tomb is enormous.


Here is the Dome Church which is next to Napoleon's Tomb.


This is the beginning of the presidential motorcade which led Jacques Chirac along with the president of Portugal across the Pont Alexandre and down along the Champs Elysees.